Baishev University

Science and innovation department

Kuralai  Balginova Maksatovna - Head of department

Science and innovation department of S. Baishev  Aktobe university is structural division of University which carries out and coordinates the University research and development and training of personnel of higher qualification.

The Department is a single structure uniting all research divisions of University, including faculties, research centres, science laboratories, technoPark and others. The Department operates under the legislative and regulatory acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter of S. Baishev Aktobe university.
The Department defines scientific and innovational activities on the basis of the development strategy of the University, decisions of the Academic Council of S. Baishev AU and the Scientific and technical Council.

The aim of the Department is to authored the most complete use of scientific and intellectual potential of S. Baishev AU, integrated development of research, scientific and industrial activity to improve the efficiency of RDW results and training quality, organization of innovative activities.