Баишев Университет


Дуйсенбаев Абай Кабакбаевич 

Dean of Higher School of Education,
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

      In connection with the increase in the number of university students in the 2012-13 academic year, the Faculty of "Pedagogy and Natural Science" has been established at Aktobe University named after S. Bayishev. Since then, the faculty has been headed by Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Meruert Kusayynovna Amangaziyeva. The faculty included the departments of “Philology and Translation”, “Pedagogy, Psychology and Subject Technologies”, “Ecology”, “Social Humanities”. In 2016, the name of the faculty was changed to “Faculty of Pedagogy” and it included the departments of “Pedagogy, psychology and subject technologies”, “Pre-school education and elementary school education”, “Philology and translation”, “Kazakh language and literature”.

       In 2019, the faculty was transformed into the “Higher School of Education” and its structure included the departments “Foreign Languages and Literature”, “Kazakh Language and Literature”, “Pedagogy, Psychology and Subject Technology”, “Preschool and Primary School Education”, “Philology and translation "and the center" Ethnocultural Education. "

      To date, 5 doctors of science, 22 candidates of science, 21 masters and senior lecturers are working at the Higher School of Education. The above cadets prepare students and undergraduates in the following specialties: 

  1. • 5В010100 - Pre-school education and upbringing
  2. • 5В010200 - Pedagogy and methodology of primary education
  3. • 5В010300 - Pedagogy and Psychology
  4. • 5В011700 - Kazakh language and literature
  5. • 5В011900 - Foreign languages: two foreign languages
  6. • 5В020700 - Translation Studies
  7. • 6М011700 - Kazakh language and literature
  8. • 6М011800 - Russian language and literature

       To date, 1,687 students and 59 undergraduates are studying at the Higher School of Education. Among them, the holders of state grants - 54, holders of a special scholarship named after N. Nazarbayev, holder of the certificate of the President of the University - 1, holders of scholarships of regional akim - 13 students.

       In the Higher School of Education, the work of many scientific, methodological, creative circles and problem groups is carried out efficiently. Students of Chinzhan University (PRC), Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after Akmoll (RF), Orenburg State Pedagogical University (RF), State Pedagogical University of Nokis after Azhiniyaz (Uzbekistan), University Tongmeong (Busan, South Korea), European Gasperi University of Economics in Alchi (Poland), Kazakh National Pedagogical University after Abai (Almaty), Suleymen Demirel University (Almaty), the Pedagogical University of Southern Kazakhstan (Shymkent), and other universities.

      Students of the higher school of education actively participate in various activities of the city, regional, republican levels and occupy top places, become holders of incentive letters and greeting addresses.