Baishev University

Students' Scientific Society (SSS)

The students' scientific society (further - SSS)  of AU named after  S. Baishev is the public organization uniting on a voluntary basis the students of university who are actively participating in scientific and organizational and research work, members of scientific circles of departments, faculty and other student's scientific associations of university.

SSS is created for coordination of research activities of students of all forms and training courses. And also for ensuring succession of scientific research at stages of professional training of a personnel.

SSS in the activities is guided by the legislation of RK, orders and orders of the rector of University, this provision and documents accepted according to it.

The purpose of SSS is assistance to work of AU named after S. Baishev on improvement of quality of training of qualified personnel, preserving and development of scientific and technical potential and adaptation of activities for the NIRS organization to new economic conditions.

Tasks of SSS are:

 involvement of youth to science at the earliest grade levels at university and its fixing in this sphere;

 forming of motivation to research work and assistance to mastering students a scientific method of knowledge, to profound and creative development of a training material promotion among students of various forms of scientific creativity according to the principle of unity of science and practice, development of interest in basic researches, as to a basis for creation of new knowledge;

education of the creative relation to the profession through scientific and research activities;

training of students in techniques and means of the independent solution of theoretical and scientific and practical tasks;

involvement of the most gifted students to purposeful scientific and scientific and organizational work in various research and on-stage performance groups, to development of innovations in the field of tourist education;

selection and the recommendation of the most perspective students who are actively engaged in scientific and organizational and research work for continuation of education in a magistracy;

selection of perspective youth for forming of an allowance of research and educational personnel, within system of preparation of scientific change;

implementation of a cooperation with SSS of other higher education institutions, studying of domestic and foreign experience of the NIR organization of students, exchange of information, implementation of the advanced forms and methods in the work;

organizational and methodical work on increase in efficiency of activities of the student scientific circles (SSS) of departments;

the organization and holding various organizational and mass, including competitive actions for SRW of students (days of science, scientific seminars and conferences, tenders of scientific student's works, the Olympic Games on disciplines and specialties, review competitions of term, degree, educational and research papers, debating clubs, symposiums, schools of young researchers, etc.) various level - from cathedral to international;

implementation of results of scientific research and scientific creativity of students through assistance in the publication and practical implementation their involvement of students to the innovative activities directed to creation of the knowledge-intensive products, the innovations considering the international achievements in this area and oriented for use in innovative structures of mastering skills of a scientific and technical entrepreneurship and innovative business.