Baishev University

History and events

Aktobe University named after S. Baishev is one of the leading educational Institutions in Western Kazakhstan. The University was established as Aktobe branch of the Kazakh State Academy of Management (license №0000399) in August 1996. In 1997 the University was transformed into West-Kazakhstan Institute of Economics and Finance. In June 2001 the University received the status of Aktobe University named after S.Baishev. Training of specialists had begun in 1996, and also nowadays the University is a leader in training the high qualified specialists in the fieldof economy, management, finance, informational technologies and philology which meet the requirements of the labour market.

Structure of University:

  • 3 faculties;
  • 11 departments;
  • Department of Researchand International Relations;
  • Department of post-graduate education;
  • Multi-field college;
  • Research library;
  • Publishing department;
  • Printing office;
  • Information center;
  • Educational and Industrial Complex and other structural branches (hostel, two Gyms, two canteens, assembly halls, medical center, treatment room, fleet vehicles).

Construction of businesscentre with the total area of 1920 sq.m. is being carried out according to a programme of Industrial and innovative forcing development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It will include an exhibition hall, conferencerooms, a shop and design center. The tourist complex in the region district is being constructed.
During these years lecture halls, laboratories and classrooms of the University were equipped withmodern equipment such as projector apparatus, interactive whiteboards, computers, lingaphones and etc.

The University has the following research laboratories:

  • "Strength of materials and testing constructions" Laboratory;
  • "The organization of transportation on railway transport Laboratory";
  • "ACS" Laboratory;
  • "Building materials" Laboratory;
  • "Metrology, heat engineering and thermodynamics" Laboratory;
  • "Building cars, designs and theories of cars and mechanisms" Laboratory;
  • "Physics and Electrical Engineering" Laboratory;
  • "Surveying of underground hydromechanics" Laboratory;
  • "Engineering Geology and Geotechnics" Laboratory;
  • "Technology and aerology of mining operations" Laboratory;
  • "Physics and destruction of rocks" Laboratory and etc.

Since 2004 the University is successfully realized the Quality Management System. In July 2005 Aktobe University named after S.Baishev had been one of the first Universities of Western Kazakhstan which had received the Conformance certificate of the Quality Management System issuing by National center of examination and certification of Kazakhstan Republic.

In 2006 the University was awarded with Golden Certificate of International Program in Global advancement.

Governed by principles of "open system" work which interacts with international, educationaland research institutions, companies of different profiles and professional communities, Aktobe University named after S.Baishev supports and promotes integration into global system of high education.

In order to develop the cooperation between various Educational Institutions, Aktobe University named after S.Baishev conclude contracts with leading foreign Universities. 


                                    Name of the University



Moscow State University of Culture and Arts

 Institute of chemistry and problems of sustainable development of University of Chemical Technology of Russia named after D. I. Mendeleyev.

Russian New University.

Ufa, the Republic of Bashkortostan

Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M. Akmullah

Institute of history, language and literature of Ufa Scientific Centre RAS.


Russian State trade and economic University

State Scientific Institution of All-Russian Research Institute of beef raising.

Federal State-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional “Orenburg State Agrarian University”

Nalchik, the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

Scientific Institution of applied mathematics and automatization of Kabardino-Balkarian Scientific Centre


Educational independent nonprofit organization “Institute of World economics and finance”


Tver State University


Samara Institute – High School of privatization and business studies


Ural State Academy of Architecture and construction



Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics



Kutaisi National Educational University



Tashkent Architect and Construction Institute

National Institute of Art and Design named after K.Bekzad

Uzbekistan National University named after Mirzo Uluqbek


Nukus State Pedagogical Institute named after Azhniyaz 

Karakalpak State University named after Berakh


Urgench State University named after Al-Khoresm


                          THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA


Tongmyong University

Within the listed contracts scientific research and exchange of experience in the educational fields are executed. Many scientists from different Universities read lectures in Aktobe University named after S.Baishev such asV.D.Rudnev, M.I.Malik, K.E.Dzuba, (Kiev Agricultural Institute);A.F.Mustaev, O.U.Sutkevich, A.K.Suleimanova (Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M.Akmullah); Don E. Verdugo (The University of California).

Experience of academic exchange of students who pass international trainingsincludeneighbouring countries and beyond. University actively develops the educational program with Universities of Russia and China.

Teachers and students have the opportunity to study at Xinjiang University. Every year teachers and the best students of our university study forfree on international exchange programme. It is good opportunity to see one of the most wonderful and developed countries, to get acquainted with its great culture and history, and to learn the language. The students from Xinjiang University study at our University too. During the program of academic exchange more than 20 teachers and students studied at the universities of China.

The main attention is given to specialists trainings. The main approach of specialists'developing consists of preparing qualified and skilled employees readyfor professional growth.

Our university preparedthe following specialties of Bachelor's degree:

  1. 5В050900 - Finance
  2. 5В050800 –Account and audit;
  3. 5В051000 - State and local government;
  4. 5В050700 - Management;
  5. 5В050600 - Economics;
  6. 5В011500 –Principles of Law and Economics;
  7. 5В090200 -Tourism;
  8. 5В011900 –Foreign languages: two foreign languages;
  9. 5В020700 –Translation major;
  10. 5В042100 - Design;
  11. 5В060200 - Informatics;
  12. 5В072900 - Construction;
  13. 5В030700 –Information system;
  14. 5В060800 –Ecology;
  15. 5В070800 –Oil and gas engeneering;
  16. 5В010100 –Preschool education and upbringing;
  17. 5В070700 - Mining;
  18. 5В090100 –Organization of transportation and transportexploitation;
  19. 5В070200 –Automatization and management;
  20. 5В010300- Pedagogyandpsychology;
  21. 5В070600 – Geology and exploration of the mineral products;
  22. 5В080100- Agronomy;
  23. 5В120200 – Veterinarian sanitary;
  24. 5В010200 –Pedagogy and methodology of primary education.

Students from other regions (Western Kazakhstan, Atyrau and Mangystau) study at our university. By the word of the students, who come to study from other regions, our university attracts their attention by its high scientific-technical progress and well-equipped classrooms with the latest requirements of science and technics.

According to statistical factor of the last years the contingent of our university have the tendency to increase, it shows the high level of applicants' admission and demand on leading specialties of the university.

The quality monitoring system works at our University. It controls current, midterm, intermediate and final certification.

One of the indicators of education quality is practice organization. Integrative approachto practice organization provides the correlation with theoretical training and helps to form students' skills for their future profession. About 100% of graduators are employed. Such high level of employment shows the competitiveness of theUniversity in educational sphere and labour market.

The University actively carries out students scientific research work also there are 10 interest groups, which involve more than 140 students, Debate Club, girls club and Club of the Cheerful and Inventive. The University annually organizes interuniversity scientific-practical conference of young scientists which involve students and undergraduates. Totally more than 500 young scientists presented papers at the conference, the best performances and presentations were awarded with honorary diplomas and certificates.

Annually students of the university participate in the Republican creative competitions, contests, research and Olympiads, where they won prizes. Over the years, University students became winners of prestigious competitions such as:
"Best Scientific Innovation Project", "Beauty will save the world", "I Choose Life""ZhasDauren", "Youth and Science", "Profi" (Kazakhstan), "International Festival of Students Creativity" (Russia), "International Competition young designers". Students of the University are actively involved in national programmes"Atameken", "Zhasyl el" and are encouraged for activity by Akimat (local administration) with car, laptops and other valuable prizes.

During 10 years, according to the program of social support for children from poor families and orphanages "For Keciors of HigherEducation Institutions ofKazakhstan" over 100 students studied at the University for free or on preferential terms.

Despite of Bachelor's programmeAktobe University after S.Baishev has post-graduate education programme which is implemented in the following fields:

  • 6M020100 - Philosophy;
  • 6M020500 - Philology;
  • 6M050600 - Economics;
  • 6M050700 - Management;
  • 6M050900 - Finance;
  • 6M051000 - Governmentand Local Management;
  • 6M011700 - Kazakh language and literature;
  • 6M011800 - Russian language and literature.

These specialties have a termless license (№ 0137385 from 03.02.2010). Master'sDegree Programme is performed by two directions – educational and research programme (2 years) and subject oriented educational programme (1, 1.5 years).

The professional stuff of the University is responsible for the quality of training of futureprofessionals, that's why the quality of staff requires high demands. Thus, more than half of the professional stuff of the university have academic degrees. Over the years, the university stuff, has examined for more than 50 doctoral and master's dissertations.

Publishing house "Atamura" issued textbooks of the university professors.Scientific works of university teachers are being published in international and national journals, as well as in the "Vestnik of Aktobe University named after S. Baishev". Average age of teaching stuff is about48 years; there is a tendency of rejuvenating the stuff by obtaining master's degrees and advanced training of young specialists. This shows the prestige increasing of science and education in our society.

Teachers participate in training programs in China, Poland, USA, England, France, Russia and other countries. Associated professors T. ZH.Toksanbaeva, A.K.Isengalieva completed internships in China and the United States, Associate Professor A.B Agzamova studies under the doctoral programme in Poland, S.B.Akhan is undertaking an internship in China.

Further training of the stuff comprises the following directions:

  • Training of young teachers in the program "Adaptation of a young teacher";
  • Help in teaching stuff education/training at Master's degree or doctoral programme;
  • Creating the system of additional education and courses carrying for all categories of employees of the University;
  • Round tables on key educational issues;
  • Inter-university exchange of methodological experience within the requirements of theBologna process;
  • attending university-wide, national and interstate seminars on current innovative technologies and teaching methods;
  • Training realization which forms professional competence of teaching staff and management team;
  • Organization of competitions for teaching stuff for electing"theBest in your profession."

In 2009 associate Professor of our University Mustoyapova A.S won the national contest "The best teacher of the University". Rector A.B. Agzamova and teachers Baymukasheva ZH.Z., Sultan Zh.I. were honored by Akim within "Young Scientist" category.

High qualificationindicator of the University's stuffcan provide the educational process in all disciplinesin accordance with the requirements of the State Educational Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Evaluating the effectiveness of teaching is carried out through students assessment or canvassing. Results showthesatisfaction with the quality of education.

Differentrankings show that professional stuffis activity recognized at the republican level, conducted by the National Accreditation Centre of Ministry of Education and Science and non-government agencies.
The task stands before University is about theProgrammeof Higher Education development in the Republic of Kazakhstan in2015-2020. So, we plan the following activities:

  • Strengthen of the material and technical base of the University;
  • Refilling of library stock;
  • Strengthening of students' academic mobility through international exchange;
  • New technologies and courses developmentwhich are necessary in the labor market of thewestern region of Kazakhstan;
  • Opening of new specialties of technical specialization next years;
  • Opening of Science and Innovation Center "Business".

These factors are the main criteria for Unuversities to pass an international accreditation accepted in 1999 by Bologna Declaration and the Bologna process is the creation of the European Higher Education Area with students and academics participation.