Баишев Университет

High School of Business and Law

  • Balginova Kuralay
  • Dean of the High School of Business and Law
  • Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor 

Information about the High School of Business and Law

The Faculty of Economics of Aktobe University named after S.Baishev was formed in 2008 on September 1 on the basis of Order No. 81. In connection with the change in the composition of the faculty from 2016-2017 academic year, the faculty was renamed the High School of Business and Law.

The faculty has 5 departments:

High quality of training is provided by a qualified faculty. The degree of faculty of the Faculty of Teaching corresponds to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
At the moment, 1061 full-time and part-time students are studying 10 bachelor's specialties, 59 master's students are studying in 5 specialties of the master's program.
The faculty prepares graduates in the following specialties:


  1. 5В050600 - Economy
  2. 5В050800 - Accounting and Audit
  3. 5В050900 - Finance
  4. 5В051000 - State and local government
  5. 5В060800 - Ecology
  6. 5В080100 - Agronomy
  7. 5B090200 - Tourism
  8. 5В120200 - Veterinary Sanitation
  9. 5В011500 - Bases of Law and Economics 5В030100 - Jurisprudence


  1. 6M050600 - Economy
  2. 6M050700 - Management
  3. 6M050900 - Finance
  4. 6M051000 - State and local government
  5. 6M020100 - Philosophy 
The educational process is built on the basis of a modular educational program and involves the selection of an educational trajectory, and this allows the most complete and deep study of the specialty features.
The teaching staff of the faculty actively participates in all events organized by the university.
Conditions have been created for a qualitative and systematized conduct of the faculty's educational process, and also the departments are equipped with special cabinets and laboratories in accordance with each specialty.
Students of the faculty take an active part in sports, cultural events of the city and the republic.