Баишев Университет

"Geoinformation systems: their purpose and use"

          From November 25 to December 06, 2019, the course "Geoinformation systems: their purpose and use" was held at the Institute of advanced training and retraining together with the Department "agriculture and ecology". 

          The purpose of the course: to acquaint students with the basic theoretical principles of the organization of geoinformation systems, to teach to apply new computer geoinformation technologies for processing of space-time data, to form the knowledge and skills necessary for decision-making based on all stages and stages of design of the automated information systems directed on the analysis of spatial(geographical) data.

          The 4th year students who participated in the courses mastered the basic concepts and definitions of Geoinformatics, cartography, computer graphics, basic principles of organization and functioning of geoinformation systems. They were also introduced to models providing data in geographic information systems. At the end of the course, students were awarded certificates.