Баишев Университет

The arrival of Dr. Wolfgang Boehme

As part of the academic mobility program of foreign scientists, Dr. Wolfgang Böhme conducts lectures for students of Baishev University. Dr. Boehme’s visit to the university began with a meeting with the university authority: President of the University - B. Ahan, Rector - A. Agzamova, Vice-Rector for Science and International Cooperation - O. Lygina, Dean of the Higher School of Economics and Law - K. Balginova, and heads of the departments Accounting and Finance - Sh. Bukharbaev, Economics and Public Administration - B. Shukurova.

With broad teaching experience in economics, statistics, and financial mathematics, Dr. Boehme conducts lectures for students in such specialties as Economics, Finance, State and Local Government.

It is also planned to organise advanced training courses on credit and market risks, teaching methods for calculating risks for teachers and bank employees.