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International relations and academic mobility department

Academic mobility of the PTS

The academic mobility of PTS of Aktobe university named after S. Baishev in Alcide de Gasperi University of euroregional economy in Jozefov

Participation in the Internet conference "Orenburg region and the Republic of Kazakhstan: interuniversity cooperation"

Opening of the Confucius Institute branch in Aktobe University named after S.Baishev

Congratulations to Russian Economic University named after G.V. Plehanov with 110-year anniversary

Visit of foreign guest from MISiA, Ph.D., Professor Toleshov Asylbek Kuantayevich in S.Baishev AU

In Aktobe University named after S. Baishev conducted a training course for faculty members on the program "Self-knowledge"

Polish-Kazakh scientific conference "Europe in Asia: from the history of Poles in Kazakhstan during the Second World War"

Cooperation with FSBEIHP "The Russian Economic University named after G.V. Plekhanov "

Advanced Training and Academic Mobility PTS of University

Communication on academic mobility is established with the West Kazakhstan Innovation and Technology University

Cooperation between universities of Orenburg State Agrarian University and Aktobe University named after S.Baishev

Mission and vision

The mission of International relations and the academic mobility department is a development and strengthening international cooperation in the sphere of rendering educational services, researches and studying at Aktobe university named after S. Baishev.

We believe that:

    global knowledge, transfer of knowledge and qualification shall be the integral qualities of Aktobe university named after S. Baishev;

    our team requires development of professionalism at the international level to be an active member of the world educational community in a new century;

    the international activities at  S. Baishev Aktobe university shall be complex and cover all aspects of university life.

 Training abroad

The organization of education abroad in case of Aktobe university named after S. Baishev is aimed at integration of students into the international academic programs and opportunities who allow them to gain knowledge and to develop skills to become successful and productive members of the world community. In partnership with college of university, faculties, teachers and employees, we aim to increase knowledge level in the field of education abroad, to promote cross-cultural contact and to support a variety of participants and programs.

Annually for training and passing of a language, and also scientific training in foreign organizations of science and education more and more students HEY named after S. Baishev. The university annually organizes abroad travels of PTS and the administrative staff of higher education institution for participation in the international conferences, meetings on invitations of foreign higher education institutions and organizations to the CIS countries, Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia.

International support

 The department of international relations and the academic mobility is ready to support and help in every possible way foreign citizens of our university with the plan:

     consultations and maintenances during the migratory procedures within current laws and rules of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

    support during adaptation, the organization of the special programs and actions directed to integration in the academic and social environment of university, also acquaintance with culture of the country in general;

    works as a link between foreign citizens of university and state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

    assistance of internationalization of the Aktobe university named after S. Baishev, giving an opportunity for further development of international cooperation and cross-cultural interactions.

 The department of international backgrounds and the academic mobility works as with foreign, and domestic students and teachers who wish to cooperate with our university to realize successful external and internal mobility of participants of educational process.

Applicants for participation in programs of exchange shall conform to the following requirements:

     To end the first semester of a bachelor degree at the time of application

    To own appropriate level of knowledge of English, or to know that language in which is trained in the accepting partner higher education institution

    To have GPA 3,0 above

    To be an active participant of student's life


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 Fax: +7-713-252-36-00

 Address: Aktobe, 030000, Kazakhstan, 302 A, Zhubanov Brothers Street 

 Ainur Turmaganbetova - Coordinator

 Zhanat Tulegenova - Head of international relations and academic mobility department