Baishev University

Center for Marketing, Career and Public Relations

The purpose of the Center is to admit entrants and promote the employment of university graduates, establish effective communications between universities and society, conduct marketing policies and create a positive image of the university in the labor market and education services.

Director of the Center – Balapashev Beken Sarsengalievich

Directions of work of the Center:

  1. Professional orientation work.
  2. Execution of the volume and admission of entrants.
  3. Creation and maintenance of a database of vacancies for employers.
  4. Organization of presentations, job fairs and other similar events aimed at promoting temporary and permanent employment.
  5. Timely provision of graduates with information on available vacancies.
  6. Creation and maintenance of a database of students and graduates.
  7. Marketing research of the labor market and educational services.
  8. Practice of students.
  9. Maintaining the site.

This Regulation on the marketing, career and public relations center of Aktobe University named after S.Baishev establishes requirements for the organization of all types of practices in the field of specialization, the promotion of employment for graduates, and the conduct of career-oriented work to attract students.

The Center for Marketing, Career and Public Relations is the structural subdivision of the University, carrying out individual work with students and graduates on the issues of training, production and pre-graduation practice, temporary employment and employment, as well as with secondary school students, secondary vocational institutions for further education in University.

The Center is created in order to:

  • reach a new level of relations with the public, interaction of AU named after S. Baishev with interested bodies and institutions, public and other organizations in the field of education and career planning for students;
  • Operational study, identification and forecasting of the needs of specialists in the market of educational services, organization of analytical and consulting work on career planning for students and employment of university graduates.

The Center conducts work with students:

  • informs students and graduates of AU named after S. Baishev in the field of employment and job placement;
  • counseling on the tactics of finding a job (practice writing a resume);
  • performs individual work with students and graduates on career counseling, employment and temporary employment;
  • carries out questioning of graduates and analysis of information received;
  • the analysis of the labor market and interaction with employers and the Employment Center of the population of Aktobe and the region;
  • monitors the career growth of graduates;
  • conducts an online forum with university graduates; organizes the work of the Alumni Association.

Center together with other structures of  AU named after S. Baishev, conducts the following activities:

  • Career days and career weeks, presentation of employers' enterprises;
  • organization and participation in city, regional fairs of vacancies;
  • meetings - seminars on temporary and permanent employment;
  • organization and reporting (administrative, statistical), in close cooperation with the curators, the heads of the departments;
  • carrying out of questioning of students on employment issues (at the beginning of the year, during the year);
  • implementation of interaction and cooperation with graduates of the university of past years;
  • analysis and accounting results of employment of graduates and students of AU named after S. Baishev.

The department carries out its work in close contact with the deans of faculties, with the UO, with the department for educational work.

In its activities, the CMCaPR is guided by the current legislation, regulatory legal acts regulating the educational and educational activities of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Statute of the AU named after S. Baishev, orders and orders for the University, Decisions of the Academic Council and this Statute.

CMCaPR is subordinate to the rector of  AU named after S. Baishev, as well as created, reorganized and terminated its activities by the orders of the rector of  the AU named after S. Baishev.

The main objectives of the CMCaPR are:

  • to create a positive image of the university to attract potential applicants entering AU named after S. Baishev for any form of training.
  • Assist in the organization of specialized training in educational institutions.
  • Assistance in the professional definition of graduateseducational institutions.
  • Attracting applicants to AU named after S.Baishev.
  • Assisting the employment of graduates of AU named after S.Baishev.
  • Involvement of new employers for cooperation with AU named after S.Baishev.
  • Preservation and augmentation of university traditions.
  • Teaching students the skills of writing resumes, self-presentations, communication with future employers.
  • Formation of the base of graduates.

Personnel of the CMCaPR:

Kazmanov Nurlan Kuatovich - the main specialist in career-guidance work

Kairalapina Almagul Zhaskayratovna - Manager for Practice and Employment of Graduates

Zhumabek Symbat Halyzkyzy - site specialist, translator