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Educational department

The educational department is educational structural division of Aktobe university named after S. Baishev.

Strategic objective of department: Organization, management, coordination, control and implementations of works on management of educational process

The chief of educational department is Aktaylakova Gulmira Nurlanovna, the master of economy

 Main specialist-Tleukabylova Aygul Bakytkaliyevna, master of physics

Specialist-Zhubatanova Zhanar Zhadigerovna

Pedagogical faculty inspector of ED - Aytzhanova Aynur Habdualikyzy

The technical faculty inspector of ED – Kozhabaikyzy Maral

The inspector of ED on faculty of economy and natural sciences master of information systems – Kadirbek Ainur

The main areas of work of educational department are:

  • the organization of interaction of divisions of university in case of development of educational programs of specialty, curricula and schedules of educational process;
  • the analysis, generalization of information and preparation of decisions of administration on management of educational process;
  • information maintenance of a quality control system of educational process and quality of training of specialists at university by all types of training;
  • fixed enhancement of the standard and methodical documentation regulating educational process;
  • maintaining personal records of students and the organization of paperwork about the termination of university;
  • planning, organization of educational process and control of quality of training.


Main functions and tasks of educational department

Work of ED is directed to improvement of quality of educational services and competitiveness in education market.

Work of ED is directed to training of specialists (bachelors) possessing deep theoretical and practical preparation, strong professional knowledge, abilities, skills according to GOSO and requirements of the labor market; competent of area of the chosen professional activity.

The educational department will organize, coordinates and controls study of departments.

ED realizes an effective objective by means of accomplishment of the following functions:

  • implementation of policy is also more whole AU named after Baishev in the field of quality;
  • fulfillment of requirements of QMS of AU named after Baishev;
  • implementation is more whole than EMD in the field of quality.
  • monitoring, measurement, analysis and fixed improvement of educational services and processes of activities of ED.

 Accomplishment of these functions on study is based on the solution of the following tasks:

on study:

- preparation of orders and orders of the rector on educational process;

- control of respect for discipline of educational process by teachers and students;

- methodical management of secretaries of dean's offices;

- a management and control of work of secretaries SAC, generalization and the analysis of results of work SAC according to reports of chairmen;

- a management, control and execution of diplomas, academic references, duplicates of diplomas, record books and student ID cards, and also the organization of execution of other documents for students and graduates day and extramural studies;

- preparation of calculations and other documents for forming of states of departments, compliance assessment of curricula and an academic load of teachers and departments, control of accomplishment of an academic load;

- registration of work of teachers with an hourly pay, accounting of an expenditure of hourly fund and preparation of offers on its distribution;

- check of departments and faculties on single questions of study, participation in control actions according to the plan of administration;

- providing dean's offices and departments with forms of educational documentation;

- correspondence with citizens and departments on study questions;

- the choice and the organization of implementation in educational process together with other departments of new technical means of training;

- participation in determination together with IT, dean's offices and departments of perspective new information technologies in training and holding actions for their implementation in educational process;

- rendering assistance to deans and managers of the issuing departments in development of curricula;

- preparation of data of the state statistic report (3 Tax Code);

- filling of the information system HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION in the Platonus program;

- participation in development of forecasts of the need for specialists in the republic and the region for the purpose of determination of structure of preparation at university on specialties;