МИССИЯ УНИВЕРСИТЕТА – подготовка высококвалифицированных, конкурентоспособных,
социально-ответственных кадров для инновационного развития экономики Казахстана


 Abdullaev Khamit Tleubaevich

Dean of technical faculty
Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor of university

The technical faculty of the Aktobe university named after S. Baishev was created on September 1, 2008 based on the order No. 81. On September 3, 2012 the humanitarian and technical faculty was renamed by the order No. 97 into technical faculty. The faculty is one of large structural divisions of university.

The faculty annually develops, in 2013-2014 academic year on 9 specialties of a bachelor degree 1654 students gained knowledge.

Purpose of faculty: to give to students quality professional education and to give an opportunity of participation in republican and international programs, tenders, scientific conferences, and also to increase the scientific level of the faculty and to have high achievements.

On the preparation for the winter session in the 2017 - 2018 school year on the technical faculty

 In the academic year 2017-2018 from December 20 to December 30, students of the 1-5 day courses of the technical faculty will pass the winter exam session on the basis of the organizational rules of the educational process and the approved schedule of Aktobe University named after S.Baishev.

Computer classes will be prepared and equipped to prepare exams. 743 students take an exam in 9 specialties of the day department of the technical faculty. The students of the full-time department are registered and checked in the office of the registrar. Students who have a tuition fee of 70% are allowed to take exams.

Number of students at the beginning of the academic year Number of students in the middle of the academic year Number of expired students
1 776 743 33

That is, the second-year student of the specialty "Oil and Gas Business", which was trained on the basis of a state educational grant, Batyrova Shynar dropped out of her own accord, Erbol Erdana from China, a 2nd-year student of the specialty "Oil and Gas Business", was expelled for violation of discipline, 13 students were They were paid for admissions in the amount of more than 60 hours, and the student of the 1st course of specialty "AaM" Tuleu Miramgul was transferred to another higher educational institution on the basis of the state educational grant.

17 students were expelled voluntarily.

Full-time full-time students paid 60% of tuition fees. In case of non-payment, the student is expelled.

Enrollment of students and parents by the dean of faculty is made daily from 15:00. till 18:00.