Baishev University Aktobe

UNIVERSITY MISSION - Preparation of highly qualified, competitive, social-responsible
personnel for innovative development economics in Kazakhstan

Strategic Development and Quality Department

Yerniyazova Zhanat Tulegenovna, master of Science in economics,

Head of Strategic Development and Quality

  1. Department of Strategic Development and Quality is a subdivision of Aktobe University. S. Baisheva and operates on the implementation of the University's development strategy in accordance with the mission, objectives and functioning of the university system of quality management and monitoring.
  2. The main directions of the department activity
  • Coordination of development policies and the strategic development plan of the University.
  • The implementation of policies and objectives of the University in the field of quality.
  • Implementation of the management of the strategic development plan of the University.
  • Preparation of analytical materials and monitoring of the implementation of the strategic development plan.
  • The operation of a quality management system according to the RK MS ISO 9001 requirements.
  • Coordination of development documentation for the quality management system of the University, ensuring its constant updating.
  • Implementation of the methodological and consultative assistance in efforts to improve the quality management system.
  • Organization of internal audit departments of the University in order to fulfill the requirements of RK MS ISO 9001 and internal regulatory documents.
  • Ensuring the  university's participation in national and international ranking systems.
  • Monitoring of teaching the basics of the educational process at all levels of education.
  • Improving the  monitoring methodology, conducted in order to determine the quality of education.
  • Organization of monitoring the quality of education in the context of specialties.
  • Monitoring of methodical support of bachelors  and masters in accordance with the requirements of SES, NQF.
  • The survey of students, faculty and employers to monitor the University's educational services.
  • Improving the  system of training, retraining and improvement of professional skills.