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SRL Internationalization of educational space

International laboratory of distributed participation of «Internationalization of educational space

Head of the laboratory – Nazia ZHANPEISOVA

By order of the rector № 99 from 02 September 2014, created the International laboratory of distributed participation of «Internationalization of educational space». This laboratory was established in the framework of the agreement with the Elabuga Institute (branch) of Kazan (Volga region) Federal University Russia joint work of the international laboratories with distributed participation (October 2014). In the laboratory, according to staffing, including the head of  the laboratory (Phys.N.,Professor Zhanpeisova N. M.)and researcher (master Utepbergenov A. K.) Head of the laboratory – doctor of Philology, Professor Zhanpeisova Nazia Madenova.

           Researcher – master of Philology Utepbergenov Akmaral Kudaibergenovna.
International coordinator – scientific Secretary of the International methodological Council on multilingualism and intercultural communication, candidate of pedagogical Sciences (Phd) Kudryavtseva, Ekaterina (University of Greifswald, Germany).

The main directions of work of the laboratory:

1. The introduction of modular interactive learning technologies (BMI) in the educational process of Aktobe University named after S. Baishev, its popularization and promotion in the Republic and abroad.

 2. Conduct a scientific practice-oriented research in the field of innovative technologies in the field of multicultural education and the maintenance of multilingual/trilingual (Kazakh, Russian, English) in the Republic of Kazakhstan.