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Researcher Connect

Research Connect Workshop

On December 5-7, 2017, the Researcher Connect training course for young researchers was held at the Professional Development and Engagement Center (British Council), created on the basis of the ZEREK Technopark of Aktobe University named after S. Baishev.

Researcher Connect is a series of interactive training courses for researchers at any stage of research and working in any academic field. These courses are aimed at professional development with a focus on improving communication skills in an international context.

In the face of growing competition and the global market, researchers and their organizations need to be able to present their research to an international audience. To this end, scientists need to develop basic communication and written skills that will allow them to be published in international journals, speak at international conferences, apply for participation in national and international tenders for research funding, and establish international cooperation to advance their research.

18 representatives of universities and research institutes took part in the training. Aktobe, Atyrau, Ural. Participants improved their writing and communication skills that they can use to successfully advance their research and increase efficiency in publishing their works. As a result, organizations, employees who have completed this training, will be able to improve the quality of their research, as well as strengthen their international reputation and rating.