МИССИЯ УНИВЕРСИТЕТА – подготовка высококвалифицированных, конкурентоспособных,
социально-ответственных кадров для инновационного развития экономики Казахстана


Амангазиева Меруерт Кусаиновна 

Dean of faculty of pedagogics
Candidate of Philology, associate professor

According with the increasing the students’ numbers at the S. Baishev Aktobe University the Faculty of Pedagogy and Natural Science was formed. The dean of the faculty is the Candidate of Philology Sciences, Associate Professor Amangaziyeva Meruert Kusainovna.

There were two departments in the faculty: Philology and Translation; Pedagogy, Psychology and Object technologies; Ecology and Social-humanities Disciplines.

Due to the reorganization in 2016-2017 academic year the name of the faculty changed into Faculty of Pedagogy and the following departments were composed of: Pedagogy and Psychology, Kazakh Language and Literature, Philology and Translation, Pre-school education and Primary Education.

The qualified academic staff perform scientific and educational activities on the faculty including 5 doctors’ of sciences, 22 candidates of science.

Above mentioned Departments prepare undergraduate and graduate students in the following specialties:

- 5B011700 Kazakh language and literature

- 5B011900 Foreign language: two foreign languages

- 5B020700 Translation Studies

- 5B010100 Preschool training and education

- 5B010300 Pedagogy and Psychology

- 5B010200 Pedagogy and methodology of primary education

Master’s Degree on following specialties:

- 6M050100 Philology

- 6M011700 Kazakh language and literature

- 6M011800 Russian language and literature

Recetly, 743 students in full-time, 349 students on distance learning technology, 410 students on the correspondence department, including the 7 owners of the state grant; 3 holders of the certificate of the President of the University ; 3 Scholarship holders of first president Nursultan Nazarbayev  study at the Faculty.

Faculty Students increase their knowledge on the basis of international cooperation in the Xinjiang University in the Republic of China, as well as at the M. Akmolla Bashkir State Pedagogical University.

Students of the faculty participate in various local, regional, national events, win prizes and diplomas.