Baishev University

The Mission of Baishev University – training of highly-qualified, competitive, socially responsible specialists for innovative development of economy of Kazakhstan

Online classes on modern educational technologies

At Aktobe University named after S.Baishev are online classes of the Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, a member of the board of the International Methodology Council on Multilingualism and Intercultural Communication at EC "IKaRus" Kudryavtseva Ekaterina Lvovna for students and undergraduates of pedagogical specialties.

Lectures help listeners form their own skills in organizing a modern educational process, including technologies for planning, implementing and analyzing a lesson using ICT.

Learners learn about modern innovative educational technologies; the variety of forms of using interactive equipment; educational trends that change the landscape of educational technologies, as well as get acquainted with gaming technology in education.

The main topics of the classes are:

  • System innovations in education for a lifetime;
  • The technology of the calendar-portfolio as a competence-educational and diagnostic resource. Psychological and pedagogical support of the family and the pupil taking into account the continuity of the school-center of pre-education;
  • Technology of perspective reading with ethnolinguistic and cultural dominance. Tale of a Tale;
  • Project technologies and their targeted implementation in education. Octalysis of motivation;
  • Gaming technologies in the modern educational process. The history and the present of the game. Evaluation and creation of games. Game library "Children of the World";
  • Mobile educational space and technologies that realize it: talking walls, smart floor, tricks and tools for brainwriting.

Upon completion of the training, students will gain the skills of creating interactive games, learn about the possibility of using mobile devices in the classroom and learn how to effectively create lessons based on inverted learning.