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Information message

Information message
January 8 , 2019
Simplified procedure for opening a pension account in UAPF

From January 8, 2019 in accordance with the amendments to the pension legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan (LRK from 26.12.2018 №203-VI) for opening an UAPF at individual retirement account (IRA) on accounting for compulsory pension contributions (CPC) an individual does not need to contact UAPF to fill out an application for opening an IRA, including through the UAPF website.

In the absence of an individual in the UAPF, of the open IPS for the accounting of (CPC) accounts will be opened in the UAPF information system automatically at receipt of the first installment.

In this case, the identification of an individual will be carried out according to personal data (full name, IIN, date of birth) specified in the electronic format of the payment order when transferring CPC, and all the necessary information about the details of the current identity document of an individual, the place of permanent residence of the UAPF will be received from the information systems of state bodies.

We remind you that earlier for the opening of an IRA for the registration of CPC, an individual needed to issue an application for the opening of an IRA.

It should be noted that the procedure for opening mandatory professional and voluntary pension contributions remains the same.

At the same time, for the convenience of depositors (recipients), the opening of an IRA on accounting for voluntary pension contributions (in one’s own favor) can be done online on the UAPF website if there is a valid EDS key.

UAPF was established on August 22, 2013 on the basis of APF SAPF JSC. The founder and shareholder is the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Trust management of pension assets of UAPF - National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. From January 1, 2016, the functions of developing proposals for improving the management of pension assets have been transferred to the National Fund Management Board, which is headed by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In accordance with the pension legislation, the UAPF attracts mandatory pension contributions, mandatory professional pension contributions, voluntary pension contributions, pension payments, individual accounting of pension savings and payments, provides the depositor (recipient) with information on the status of his pension savings (for more information, visit www.enpf.kz ).


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