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Department of methodical support and innovative development


Head of the Department of Methodological Support and Innovation Development - Bodykova Irina Navatovna



the department of methodological support and innovative development

The main goals and tasks of the Department of Methodological Support and Innovative Development:

Methodical support of the educational process, integration of science and education of methodical work, provision and improvement of the educational and upbringing process, development and introduction of new technologies for training, upgrading the qualifications of the University PTS in educational institutions, is carried out with the aim of ensuring innovative development. The tasks of the methodical support of the educational process and innovative development: - the implementation of educational programs for scientific and methodological support; - pedagogical use in the educational process; ICT, interactive technologies, methods, tools and forms of development, implementation and improvement;

- rational use of new pedagogical technologies;

- ensuring the enhancement of professional skills, further training and development of creative thinking of teaching staff

- improvement of the scientific and methodological potential of the teaching staff, methodological support of the educational process.

Methodological support of the educational process at the university and innovative development include the following areas:

1) normative and legal documents, classification of specialties of higher and postgraduate education, introduction of proposals for improving state compulsory education standards, 2) introduction of modern teaching and methodological and didactic materials in the educational process, automated training systems, provision of information systems, software for information and library Systems;

3) monitoring the development of curricula, participating in the development of draft model curricula;

4) textbooks, teaching and methodological complexes, teaching aids, tracking the development of materials, including electronic media;

5) the organization of events to the spread of informatization of education and advanced pedagogical experience;

6) introduction and observation of the preparation of didactic-methodological, teaching and material training aids;

7) introduction and observation of the preparation of educational and methodological training documents on modern interactive technologies;

8) submitting proposals for the unification of curricula for related specialties;

9) examination of working curricula and working curricula;10) analysis of the impact of the organization of educational and methodological work on the current academic performance of students;

11) presentation for approval of educational and methodological complexes of disciplines (EMCD);

12) examination of test tasks and other forms of knowledge control of students;

13) monitoring the provision of the educational process with educational literature and methodological developments;

14) methodical support of independent work of students;

15) analysis of the quality of textbooks, teaching and methodological complexes and teaching aids;

16) analysis of the level of educational achievements of students and the quality of education;

17) organization and holding of seminars, conferences, meetings on improving educational and methodical work;

18) methodical support of the work on forming annually taking into account the level of training and abilities of the contingent of trainees and their profile;

19) development of recommendations for teaching in state, Russian and foreign languages ​​at all levels.

20) informatization of the educational process - by applying innovative methods and new technologies of teaching, developing training, an individual, carrying out training aimed at the goals of the teaching and educational process, increasing the efficiency and quality of all levels.

Department of methodical support and innovative development carries out educational and methodical work:

1) guidance methodical support and innovative development, the work of the educational process of departments and faculties;

2) examination of normative and legal documents on educational and methodological work, and drafting proposals for consideration by the Educational and Methodological Council;

3) analysis of the state of educational and methodical work, and development of recommendations for its further improvement;

4) analysis of publications and distribution of educational and methodological products.

Directions of work of the Methodical Support and Innovation Development Department:

1) Organization and planning of methodological support of the educational process;

2) Improve the teaching and methodological work of the teaching staff, promote and disseminate best practices and new learning technologies

3) The work of the School of Young Teachers.