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Department of Office registrator and Informatization of the educational process

To improve the management and quality assurance of specialists since 2014, the university has introduced the PLATONUS Information System (Order of the MESRK of June 5, 2013, No. 219 "On the Implementation of the Information System of Higher Educational Establishments of the Republic of Kazakhstan").

In connection with the introduction of the Institute of Higher Education (PLATONUS) in the 2014-2015 school year (Order No.99 of September 2, 2014), the University established a department for automation and control of the educational process (DA and CEP), whose functional duties include:

  1. Collection, storage, processing of information of all structural divisions of the university;
  2. Automation of processes related to movement of the contingent (enrollment / deductions, transfers from the course to the course, academic holidays, etc.);
  3. Monitoring the activities of staff and student contingent (academic achievement, percentage of quality, attendance, etc.) of the university in real time;
  4. Support of educational process on credit technology;
  5. Reducing the likelihood of a negative human factor and saving time through automatic calculations;
  6. The ability to use both in the local network of the university, and on the Internet without the need for software on each computer.
  7. Logging of the entire system for information security purposes.

From 2015-2016 academic year, the department was renamed the Office of the Registrar and Informatization of the Educational Process (DI and RO), (Order of the President of AU named after S.Baishev of August 26, 2015 No. 84), which is subordinate to the pro-rector for EMW. In connection with the creation of the new department, the staff was expanded with additional functional duties.

Main functions and tasks of DRO and I.

  1. Organization of educational process:
  • Compiling an academic calendar for the university and monitoring its compliance;
  • Organization of distance learning;
  • Scheduling of classes and schedules of consultations for distance learning;
  • Development of recommendations on the profitability of academic groups and flows;
  • Organization of the summer semester;
  1. Organization and control of the input section of knowledge.
  2. Control and analysis of the implementation of the score-rating system (BRS).
  3. Quality control of students.
  4. Organization of elimination of academic difference.
  5. Organization and control of the second course.
  6. Organization and conduct of appeals.
  7. Automatic reporting:
  • Maintenance of statistics and statistical reporting;
  • Control registration of individual plans, transcripts of students;
  • Keeping records of academic achievement;
  • Calculation of the student's academic rating;
  • The analysis of the final rating of the student's knowledge assessment and the adoption of measures based on the results of the rating;
  • Drawing up of schedules of debts.


In the system of managing qualitative training of specialists in the university, a special role belongs to control and evaluation of the quality of the development of professional educational programs.

The staff of the department of the Office registrator fnd  Informatization of the educational process 

Head of department – Narbekova Z.T.

Registrar - Tleulina Zh.Zh.

Registrar - Dosmuratova S.K.

Registrar - Sagimbayeva G.A.

Programmer - Satiev A.Sh.