Baishev University Aktobe

UNIVERSITY MISSION - Preparation of highly qualified, competitive, social-responsible
personnel for innovative development economics in Kazakhstan

Cooperation with West Kazakhstan Agricultural and Technical University named after Zhangir Khan

At Aktobe University named after S.Baishev in the academic mobility conducts classes doctor of veterinary sciences, professor of the Department of Epizatology, Parasitology and Veterinary Sanitary Expertise of the West Kazakhstan Agrarian and Technical University named after Zhangir Khan Kereyev Yakhon Muhanbetkalievich. Classes are held for students of the specialty "Veterinary Sanitary" in the discipline "Veterinary and Sanitary Parasitology".

Students learn the methods of veterinary and sanitary measures against parasites and infections, invasive diseases of fish, chickens, farm animals, as well as means of production veterinary and sanitary control and evaluation of raw materials and products of animal origin in infectious and non-contagious diseases in the workplace.

The classes are aimed at mastering the skills of organizing, planning and monitoring veterinary and sanitary measures for disinfection, disinfestation, disinfection, deratization and decontamination at enterprises for processing raw materials and products of animal origin and veterinary surveillance facilities. Based on knowledge in the field of sanitation, students learn to formulate conclusions competently and transfer knowledge to the object under study.