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Аn online round table "Әлемдік тәжірибемен туған өлкеге"

On May 4, 2018, an online round table was held at the university "Әлемдік тәжірибемен туған өлкеге" with the participation of students who studied and studied in the republican and foreign higher educational institutions under the academic mobility program. Also, guests were students wishing to study on this program in the next academic year.

The moderator of the event was one of the best students of the specialty "Kazakh language and literature" Zhumagazyev Nurymzhan.

In online mode, communication was established with students of the AU. S.Baisheva, who are currently studying under the program of academic mobility in the universities of South Korea, Russia and Kazakhstan.

The round table was devoted to the discussion of academic mobility of students in four aspects:

- the way of life: what are the living conditions in different countries, what problems did the students come to countries by mobility programs?

- study: how the educational processes and styles of study differ in the countries of the world;

- adaptation: how students were built into the host society;

- experience: what innovations and ideas will be obtained, students will apply in the future.

The main idea of the round table was to facilitate the return of students to their native region after studying abroad, or in another region of the republic, whether students had thought of remaining in another city or they were offered it in another university.