Baishev University

The Mission of Baishev University – training of highly-qualified, competitive, socially responsible specialists for innovative development of economy of Kazakhstan

Aktobe University named after Saktagan Baishev in the top twenty high-ranking universities of Kazakhstan



Independent agency of accreditation and rating (IAAR) identifies the best universities in Kazakhstan. The rating included the leading universities of the country, which scored the highest score.

The highest positions in the rating are occupied by the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi, the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov, South-Kazakhstan State University named after M.Auezov, Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S. Seifullin, Karaganda State University named after academician E.A. Buketov, as well as Karaganda State Technical University.

Aktobe University named after S. Baishev is on the 13th place along with the University named after Suleiman Demirel and the North Kazakhstan State University named after M. Kozybayev.

75 universities of the republic applied for participation in the National rating of universities of the country, however, due to incorrect filling in, 17 educational organizations were excluded. The national rating includes 58 universities, of which 6 national, 21 state, 7 joint-stock and 24 private universities.

The IAAR experts assess the quality of educational programs in terms of levels and areas of training.

The main criteria that determine the competitiveness of educational programs and the university as a whole:

  • High concentration of talented students, teachers and researchers;
  • Academic mobility;
  • Competitiveness of graduates;
  • Competitiveness of scientific publications of teachers, doctoral students and undergraduates of the specialty.

Based on the results of the IAAR rating, Aktobe University named after S. Baishev is included in the top 20 high ranking universities of Kazakhstan in 2018.