Baishev University Aktobe

UNIVERSITY MISSION - Preparation of highly qualified, competitive, social-responsible
personnel for innovative development economics in Kazakhstan

Advanced Training and Academic Mobility PTS of University

Within the framework of the agreement on cooperation between Orenburg State Pedagogical University (RF) and AU. Since April 6 to 18, the University has been carrying out refresher courses for teachers of Aktobe and Aktobe region, conducted by the doctor of pedagogical sciences, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Chair of the SSPM, Professor Ryndak Valentina Grigorievna on the topic "Methodology of Education".

Teachers have a unique opportunity to learn from the professional about the contexts and scenarios for the development of modern education, the results of modernization of the national education, as well as the possibilities of designing a modern educational process.

Listeners in the course of the refresher courses will consider the concepts of personality-oriented education; the interdependence of the competence approach and the design of the educational process; pedagogical aspects of the methodology, content and technology of the generation of the digital generation, including the concept of the "cognitive" (smart) world. Professor Ryndak V.G. acquaints educators with the notion of the essence of a person of the digital generation, its specific characteristics and the possibilities of using them in organizing the educational process.