МИССИЯ УНИВЕРСИТЕТА – подготовка высококвалифицированных, конкурентоспособных,
социально-ответственных кадров для инновационного развития экономики Казахстана

About library

The library


Aktobe University Library after S. Baishev is the leading structural division of the university, providing educational process and scientific research with literature and information, and at the same time it is the center of cultural, spiritual and intellectual communication for all categories of readers. Library activity is considered as one of the main products of the university, which develops in close relationship with education and strategic policy, mission and vision of the university. As part of the scientific and educational technology training there was revised information resources system, new algorithm for the service of students was developed, functions of library employees were expanded, so multimedia hall employees hold monthly seminars and trainings on working with international Web of Science database, SpringerLink and so on.

University Library is a complex, which includes not only the issuance department and habitual reading rooms, but and a multimedia room with access to the information resources of Kazakhstan and foreign digital libraries; full of hall periodicals.

The library was improved throughout the years from the formation of the university, has an extensive resource base that provides simultaneous operation of 250 people in reading and multimedia rooms of the university. The book fund has grown to nearly 500 thousand copies, including electronic forms - to 4 thousand copies. The annual subscription is more than 90 newspapers and magazines.

The structure of the fund is part reference, educational, methodical, scientific and fiction; works of teachers; periodicals; abstracts; literature in electronic and magnetic media in the state, Russian and foreign languages.

Thanks to many years of dedicated work on the formation of the library collection with contemporary literature, as well as providing educational process with the most relevant information resources, library now is equipped in accordance with the latest developments in this field.

University informatization provides access of students, faculty and staff to the Republican Interuniversity electronic library, computer classes libraries, electronic catalogs and textbooks, full-text databases, both foreign and domestic publications. The automated library-information system "Kabisov" developed by «KazakhSoft», which consists of the following modules: Administration, Acquisition, Cataloging + card file of articles, advanced search for readers, order and registration of periodicals, electronic library of full-text databases, support RMEB, BBK, UDC, GRNTI, HHC, UNIMARC is used in the library. The electronic catalog includes bibliographic description of books, articles from newspapers and magazines available in the library fund. As a result of editing information quality directories and search capabilities are improved that make library catalogs more reliable means of service to readers.

One of the modules of the library program Kabis is Book Scan, which is necessary for the rapid transfer and the creation of electronic versions of the scanned books; there is a web-module for remote access to the electronic catalog and electronic library on the Internet. Using Book Scan program, the library staff for several years successfully create their own electronic textbooks developed by teachers of the University.

The big advantage for students and teachers is the ability to search for literature on the directory and files at the university library network.

In the multimedia hall of the University access to a computer with audiences connecting to the Internet is provided, and scientific resources RMEB to international electronic resources Web of Science, SpringerLink. The subscription through the National Center for Scientific and Technical Information is produced.

University Library maintains close relations with the major universal and university libraries in the region, and is a member of the Association of libraries of high schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Library users have access to the electronic resources of other universities of Kazakhstan, RGTSPI "Law", Kazakhstan virtual scientific library, publishing house EBS Lan, dissertations RSL Data Bank, Aktobe Regional Scientific Library, Bashkir State Pedagogical University after M. Akmully etc.

All these years the University cooperates with the publishers of "Nur-press", "Ever," "Bastau", "Folio", "Kazakh university" "Academy", the publishing house of the Association of Universities and others.

The structure and staff of the library is annually reviewed. Mobile and highly qualified professionals, who aspire to a quality system, maintenance of students and widespread use of digital technologies work in the libraries. Quality and prompt service of readers of the University Library provides a team of qualified professionals. Irina Ilinichna Magay is the head of the library,  she is highly qualified specialist with over 30 years of experience; Department of acquisition and processing is led by Natalia Vladimirovna Lapatina, information - bibliographic department is in charge of Indira Ohapova, multimedia room - Utegalieva Indira Gaserovna Elgondievna. Qualitative library reader service librarians is carried by Tulebaeva Aidana, Yugay Lyudmila Dikmanovna, Togusova Janelle. Library staff is actively involved in scientific, educational events, held by the university, they organize book exhibitions and annually raise their professional qualifications: in the last 5 years, employees received more than 20 certificates.